About us

Italy , unique for its ability to offer products of gastronomic excellence , collects recognitions and awards around the world . Of primary importance is the location; the Italian peninsula inserted in the center of the Mediterranean , its climate is very favorable to crops and gastronomic products .

The same producers , always do their work a real passion , passing on culture and traditions from generation to generation . This situation favors the use of raw materials of excellent quality in respect of regional traditions ; controls the entire production chain and production delicatessen niche and of the highest quality.

The continuous research , the constant dedication of the producers and the careful selection of the various products typical of individual regions of Italy to represent our company, " Wisdom and Tradition " the foundation on which to rest our mission.

Mission , then , based on authenticity and typicality . This is why our company offers customers a sensory journey , a unique dining experience and a chance to savor the territory through a careful selection of products .

Le nostre proposte


Our productions only come from Italy. Our Mission is based on genuinity and typicalness and it is oriented to offer to our clients a sensory journey, a unique gastronomic experience and the possibility of tasting the territory through a careful products selection.

The shipment will be carried out within the day after the orders payment. The delivery schedule can be from 3 to 5 days.

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